Briefly in english

Järvenpään Voimistelijat offers opportunities to practise at all levels and for all ages; from family fun groups to adult gymnastics. The spring season 2024 starts on the 8th of January and continues till the 12th of May. You can browse our classes and schedule here: Lukujärjestys | Järvenpään Voimistelijat ry 

In a nutshell, we offer: 

  • Family fun classes (1-6y) 
  • Tricks school, gym and parkour classes 
  • Dance and Cheerdance groups 
  • Gymnastics basics for children and adults
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics classes  
  • Aesthetic Group Gymnastics coaching 

Try out and registration 

You need to register yourself/your child into a group via myClub portal. If you need help with the registration, please contact and we’ll support you. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to try out a group/class without registration. 

After registering, you can test a group/class 2 times without any cost. If you wish to continue in the group, no action is needed from your side, however, if you wish to cancel the registration, we ask you to inform us about it in writing: Paikan peruminen/lopettaminen | Järvenpään Voimistelijat ry

NOTE! Our coaches and instructors do not handle any registrations or cancellations. 


The prices of the classes are based on the lenght and location of the classes. 

Spring season pricing: 

  • 45min 90-100€ 
  • 1h 105-115€ 
  • 1h15min 145€ 

In addition, a one-time, yearly payment of 20€ is required for the club membership from everyone participating into a group or class. 

Wish to join a competing group? 

We offer aesthetic group gymnastics coaching. If you’re interested in competing and ready to preactise more than once a week, please contact directly our coordinating coach Julianna: Please be prepared to share the name, birthdate, and potential gymnastics background of the gymnast, when contacting Julianna. 

Warm welcome to join our club!